Vanity to Sanity Online

Hey there. This is a resource site for SLAA Vanity to Sanity meetings. We're a fellowship based in Phoenix, AZ but anyone around the world who needs help is free to join.

We meet four days a week: Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday at 6:00pm, and Saturdays at 10:30am.


224466 is the number you need to get in.

Attendees of SLAA meetings come from a variety of backgrounds. Some are simply codependent in their romantic relationships. Others are sexually compulsive or sexually averse (avoidant). There are those, too, who relate with both codependency and sexual troubles. Many of us have had sexual or familial traumas in our pasts and have been helped by the steps even if we're unsure about identifying as sex and/or love addicts. For more information, please visit the International SLAA Organization website.